Midnight Musings

A networking night to remember. Bruschetta. Layered dip. Gourmet crackers. Poppy seed & almond and “B52″ miniature cupcakes. No host bar for drinks if you wanted them. Great food available if the munchies weren’t enough. A bunch of people who … Continue reading

Making Some Tough Decisions

I’ve been working on the upcoming (October 2, 2012) issue of my newsletter and as I was examining the MailChimp statistics I came to some conclusions. They’ll be announced in the newsletter itself next week but I thought I’d share … Continue reading

The Power of a Vision

I heard it again today from Steve Thornton at the 2012 Portland Success Summit. I’ve heard it from Zig Ziglar.  I’ve heard it from Anthony Robbins. I think I’ve heard it from every motivational speaker that I’ve ever had the … Continue reading

Reflections on Being an Educator

Those of you who have read my many blog posts know that “once upon a time” I traveled the world teaching — and preaching — topics that I was passionate about. I did it because I believed in my causes. And … Continue reading