Startup Riot Pitch / Networking Event + Discount Code

August 8, 2012 – August 9, 2012 all-day
See details
See details

Startup Riot is hosting its second annual pitch competition August 8th at Showbox SoDo. 30 startups will be chosen to pitch to a panel of judges and an audience of ~300 investors, VCs, entrepreneurs and supportive community members. They have 3 min and 4 slides to make their presentation, followed by 3 min of Q&A from the judges. Top winners will walk away with cash, a bunch of services, and several hours of meetings with top VCs.
Have a product you’d like to pitch?

Visit for more details.

Applications are open now… There is ZERO cost to present. Only requirement is that your company be under 5 yrs old. Also, you do not need to be raising money to pitch! Lots of entrepreneurs will present to gain awareness or new customers (and they always get some of each!).

Want to attend and network? You have to apply for that too.… This is because we do NOT allow service providers to attend. That means that the only people there are investors, VCs, and other entrepreneurs – ie. all the people you would possibly want to talk to. Tickets are super affordable, even for the bootstrappers. They start at $40 and you can use the registration code “meetupriot” for $10 off your ticket price!
All logistical info for this event, and for the startup career fair which will take place August 7th, can be reached from the Startup Riot main page…

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