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Now! – Subscription Event Calendar!  Jon Turino’s Calendar, the premier networking and event calendar for the Portland area, is now available only to paid subscribers. This calendar is curated by Jon to include events that you’ll very much want to know about that will not be available to those who don’t subscribe.

Why spend your valuable time searching mutiple sites, organizations and groups when you can get what you need here instantly? It makes sense to subscribe!

Click HERE to Subscribe! And don’t forget to write down your username and password! You’ll need that information to log in to the Subscriber Event Calendar at https://jonturino.com/calendar/subscription-event-calendar/

Upcoming events in Portland - Jon Turino's Calendar


A Work in Progress but ready for you now – Sponsored Event Calendar! This page, which is and will be free to users, will be supported by people and organizations who have paid to have their events listed here and on the curated event calendar that is available to subscribers for a monthly fee. Here’s how your events might look. It all depends on what you send me! – See more at https://jonturino.com/calendar/sponsored-event-calendar/


Please note: The listing of an event on this calendar is not an endorsement, expressed or implied, of any event or its sponsors. This calendar is provided as a service to subscribers and visitors and we expressly deny any liability, direct or indirect, arising from the use of this information by you or for any changes made by event organizers after our initial publication of their event information.

Event Organizers and Sponsors:  Are your events listed on The Calendars?

The people who look for your events will appreciate them being included in The Calendar. You can also have company links like those below on this introduction page.

BOM Calendar Ad

Your Ad BoxYour Ad BoxYour Ad Box

You can advertise your “for profit” products, in addition to having your events or your website calendar of events listed on the Sponsored Events Calendar for a nominal fee. Contact me at 503-877-4609 to discuss prices and terms.

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