Facebook Page Services

Facebook Page Services

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  • Do you need one — or more — Business (Fan) Page(s) on Facebook?
  • Do you have products or services to showcase on Facebook?
  • Are you trying to use your personal profile on Facebook for your business needs as well?
  • How good are you at building or improving your Facebook presence?
  • Could you use some help getting the right pages created, evaluated, improved or revamped completely?
  • Would you just like someone else to “Handle it!” for you?

For very reasonable fees you can get just the services you need to make sure you have the right Facebook presence for your specific business needs. Call Jon today to arrange for an expert Marketing Review of your Facebook presence so you can decide on your next steps in getting the right things in place for your needs.

If you’d rather spend your time earning money in your business rather than learning
how to build or improve your Facebook presence, or spending the time and effort needed to develop or improve it, let Jon Turino do it for you.

(More information on specific tasks and pricing still to come! Thanks for your patience.

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