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Word Cloud Canvas - Packages-PricingBesides the marketing and business consulting offerings shown below on this page, I’m an affiliate for several companies and organizations that may be of interest to you. 

Tools to help your clients with Social Security and Retirement Cashflow design are available from (link).

And whether you are an individual or a business, I can help you select a legal services protection plan to help you with your will preparation, identity theft detection and repair, document and contract reviews and accounts receivable collection letters. Find out more at (link).


Jon Turino Marketing + Connections is committed to your success.  We stand by our mission of helping businesses grow through better marketing strategies. I love helping people grow their businesses by working smarter! On this page you’ll find packages & pricing information for our consulting services — stand alone and packaged — along with individual products like The Marketing Plan Game, the in-company Marketing Seminar/Workshop and the new Marketing Plan Seminar OnLine.

Schedule a free introductory conversation with Jon or request a phone call to learn more about Jon Turino’s marketing consulting services.



“Jon – No words can express your marketing expertise. I know the value you can offer others – I am hopeful they see what I see.”
— Renee Wilbur, Reciprocity, 08/17/2012 via Facebook

Instant Strategy Session  New-Banner

“Want to know where to network and who to meet in Portland to spread the word about the value of your business? Set up a one hour Instant Strategy Session like I did with Jon Turino. Not only is Jon well-networked here, he also produces and updates a monthly calendar chock full of a range of business-related events. Jon is an “idea guy” who is open to investigating and implementing new ways to get your business noticed and then promoted. Time spent with Jon Turino in this one hour will get you into action to meet or exceed your goals by year end 2013. Just do it!” — Laura Schlafly, Career Choices with Laura, 08/13/2013.

Want your most burning marketing planning and strategy questions answered quickly in a free-form, informal setting? I can do that for you. You bring your questions — and $125 — and I’ll buy the coffee at a time and place here in Portland that’s convenient for you. And we’ll get into it.  We can talk about any or all of your questions, problems and issues.  From basic marketing planning to messaging to social media implementation to media selection.

Let me help you grow your business.  Call me today at 503-877-4609 or use the Contact Form to schedule your session.

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Gift Certificates – Instant Strategy Session

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Give a fellow business owner or marketer some new ideas, insights and inspiration with an Instant Strategy Session with Jon. Order yours today!

Strategy Development and Consulting Package

Since marketing strategies are so important to business growth, and since they may often need fine tuning over time, I offer a strategy development and consulting package lasting three calendar months for a reduced rate of $497.  This package consists of up to two hours of initial consultation followed by an hour per month for each of three months to evaluate the effectiveness of the initial strategy and to make any adjustments to it as needed for maximum results for your business —a $625 value based on the standard consulting rate. Billing will be a $197 deposit with order placement and $100 per month thereafter.

If you’ve made the wise choice to use my services, I’d love to have you send me your most burning questions and critical goals in advance of our first meeting so that I can do my homework before we meet to make sure that our time together is as productive as possible.

Clients contracting for the initial strategy development and consulting package are eligible to continue after the initial three month term on a retainer basis at a reduced rate that is negotiable depending on the length of the consulting engagement.

Payment Type

Monthly Mentoring Mode

If you’d like to have an ongoing relationship where you can call or video chat to ask questions about marketing issues on a longer term basis, the Monthly Mentoring Mode may be the solution you are looking for.

With a minimum six month term the rate is $100 per month for call and chat privileges.  You can add an in-person monthly meeting if you are in the Portland metro area for a retainer fee of $200 per month. Go for weekly meetings for only $500/month. Other long term retainer arrangements can also be made to fit your needs. Click here for data sheetClick here for infographic.

“If anyone can promote your business, Jon Turino can. Get his discount while it lasts. Wow – what an opportunity to grow your business with the help from Jon.” — Renee Wilbur, Reciprocity, 08/17/2012 via Facebook

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In-Company Marketing Seminar/Workshop

The popular publicly held Marketing Seminar/Workshop can be tailored and held specifically for your team at your facility. Get everyone up to speed, on the same page and working together as a cohesive team with Jon’s help with the technical marketing strategy topics plus the team building and empowerment issues so critical to your success. Jon is an award-winning speaker and an experienced seminar/workshop producer and leader. His programs have received rave reviews all over the world and he has a wealth of business and marketing knowledge gained over thirty-plus years of employment and self-employment in a wide variety of industries.  Contact Jon for pricing and scheduling. Click here for infographic or go to this page for complete information.

The Marketing Plan Seminar On Line New-Banner

Now you can take learn the secrets to growing your business through better marketing strategies in the privacy of you home or office with the on line course version at Udemy. For only $79, you get almost an hour of video instruction just like you’d get at a live public or in-company seminar/workshop. Plus the ability to download all of the presentation slides and email questions to Jon Turino who will answer them promptly. Try this great learning mechanism today. Your money back if you are not satisfied that it was worth your time and money.

The Marketing Plan Seminar On-Line at

Basic Consulting Rate and Other Consulting Project Pricing

The basic rate for Jon’s consulting services is $125 per hour.  This rate will apply once an initial quick, free conversation looks like it will turn into a longer, working consultation and Jon will inform you of that situation and give you the option of (a) continuing the discussion in the present on a billable basis or (b) thinking about continuing it on that billable basis sometime in the future at your option.

Clients wishing to contract for short or long term specific projects with custom timelines and deliverables are encouraged to request free quotations which Jon will be happy to supply following an initial meeting to determine the size, scope, level of effort and any outsourcing requirements related to the project.  Let’s talk about your project.


The Marketing Plan Game “Source Code”  The-Marketing-Plan-Game

If you like The Marketing Plan Game format and think you could make use of a customized version of it for your own business, we can supply you with the Powerpoint “source code” for it.  That way all you have to do is edit the answers and questions for your use without reinventing all of the graphics, sounds and links that make it functional.  It took about four hours to create it from scratch.  We’ll save you those four hours for a price of $97.

Or contact Jon for a quote for the full creation of a turn-key version customized for your use. He can help you develop the answers and questions you’ll want to use for your version of the game.

Susan Forsythe Owner/Artisan at BeautifullyPractical says: “Anyhow, to liven things up, I recruited a small team of “contestants” and we did an fyi session Jeopardy-style. I injected a lot of humor into it and received a lot of positive feedback. Bottom line: Jeopardy-style events can enliven even the dullest subject matter if delivered with some self-deprecating humor.  You’ve got a winner, Jon!”

General Payment Terms and Conditions

Invoices are rendered via PayPal and are payable immediately upon receipt of invoice.  Purchase Your Marketing Help Via PayPalLate payments are subject to a 1.5% per month late fee based on the past due balance with a minimum late fee of $10. Ongoing consulting services may be halted until payments for services rendered are received and deposits may be required for future services should client payment history indicate the necessity for this action.  We can also take VISA and MasterCard and other credit cards via SquareUP-Logo.

All prices, packages and terms and conditions shown on this page are subject to change without notice.  Contact Jon for current specific rates at time of inquiry.

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