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Value for Money is a concept that has been around for as long as money has existed. If Jon is giving you value, consider giving him money!

If you like the features and content that Jon provides for you on this website, feel free to thank him by buying the various products and services available on this website and on Amazon.com to support his ongoing efforts or simply make a donation here.

You can buy the Marketing Plan and Marketing Strategy Worksheets, The Piano Story (eBook or hard copy) and The Marketing Plan Seminar online course via this website. And you can contract for consulting services via an Instant Strategy Session or Monthly Mentoring Mode. Or something else if that’s what you need.

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Buying a nice lunch with Jon will get you some very good, very usable general marketing information and advice. Then you can decide whether or not you could use additional help.

Schedule a free introductory conversation with Jon or request a phone call to learn more about Jon Turino’s marketing consulting services.

Purchase Your Marketing Help Via PayPalYou can be invoiced and pay for Jon Turino Marketing + Connections consulting services using PayPal. Basic fee and package pricing information are available here. We can also take VISA and MasterCard via


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