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Markets, Media and Messages for MoneyI can help you with your marketing if you are in high technology hardware or software. I can help you with acquiring software for bringing in and providing better services to your clients if you in the accounting, financial advising or estate planning legal fields. And I can help you with obtaining services for collections and various legal advice needs no matter what business you are in.

While I’m not looking for a full-time job at this time I’m always willing to listen to an offer I might not be able to refuse! Here’s an infographic resume of my marketing experience.

Turino Infographic-V3 Jon TurinoJon Turino

Portland, OR  97230 Cell Phone: 503-705-6562

One of Portland’s Premier Marketing Strategy Consultants

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Link to Detailed Resume Here.

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I’m also an author and a writer. Read my books for a wealth of information you can use right now in your life and business and even have me help you put your own book together and get it published.

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