Motivational Magic

Motivational Magic is now available from Amazon and Kindle!

Motivational Magic Front Cover Print Version $9.95 Kindle Version $2.99

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This book will give you the psychological and practical knowledge you must have so that you can turn your dreams and goals into reality!

Motivational Magic is not your ordinary self-help book! Reading it helps you define and implement your dreams and desires for personal and professional happiness and success. It explains the process of visualizing and planning to achieve results no matter what the goal. It talks about time and life management issues and explains how you can develop practical, workable goals, strategies and tactics for achieving those objectives.

Filled with engaging stories from the author’s own personal experiences, the book illustrates the importance of practicing to gain the skills a person needs to succeed, provides hints for maximizing personal performance and talks about the importance of celebrating successes. Central to the book’s theme is the description of how to use visual image formation to make the reality you’d like to live actually happen.

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