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Networking Consult ImageHave questions about networking activities? Wondering if they should be part of your marketing strategy mix? Curious about which events might be worth your investment of time, money and effort?

Get answers to these and all your other networking questions by spending an hour with Jon Turino, Portland’s premier networker and keeper of the networking calendar.

Learn how to become an expert networker!

For only $65 you can book a session at a local, mutually convenient coffee shop. Meet with Jon, pick his brain, learn from his experience and get personalized 1-on-1 advice on whether or not to network, where networking might work best for you and, perhaps most importantly, how to network most effectively at the venues you choose to attend.

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What people are saying on LinkedIn!

Gratitude Marketing Specialist at SendOutCards

Years ago when I first met Jon was one of the best days of my life. He has been a close friend and associate, a cherished confident, and a valued networking partner ever since. I am very proud to say that Jon is one of the most honest and staunch people in business. He is always willing to help others, counsel them, and guide them, and never looks for payback. I trust Jon completely and look to him for help more than he really knows. I am honored to know Jon, to have him to inspire me, and to have him as a guide. Everyone should meet him and form a networking partnership. Plus, he knows everyone and every networking group in Portland. Great books, ideas, and presentation

Gary Cameron  Gary Cameron

Owner at Cameron Leadership, LLC

Jon is an experienced and effective networker. He believes in building true connections with those he meets and always seeks to provide as much value as he can to everyone. Because of this, Jon is a great mentor for anyone seeking to improve their networking skills.

Aug 24, 2015, You worked with Gary but in different group
Partner at B2B CFO® Contact David Wilkins and receive a free Discovery Analysis™

I enjoyed meeting with Jon over coffee for an hour. Jon is one of the best networked guys I have met. His knowledge of groups is valuable to a small personal services company like mine that relies on personal connections to talk to people and mine for needs. I purchased a signed copy of his new Inspiration Now! book and my favorite quote from the book is “Let your faith be bigger than your fears”.

August 21, 2015, David was with another company when working with Jon at Jon Turino Marketing + Connections

Personal HIstorian, Consultant, Project and Event Coordinator

Jon Turino was one of the first East Portland Chamber members I “met for coffee” shortly after joining the organization. I appreciated his personalized advice on which networking groups would be best for me and ideas for expanding my business. Through his contacts, I have secured a client. I recommend anyone getting their feet wet in networking to work with Jon Turino Marketing + Connections. I value having Jon in my active networking contacts.

August 21, 2015, Connie worked directly with Jon at Jon Turino Marketing + Connections

 David Baer     David Baer
  • ✪ Facebook Marketing Trainer ✪ Online Marketing Mentor ✪ Social Media Consultant ✪ Digital Product Developer

    I have had the pleasure to know Jon and witness his skills and expertise first hand. Over the past several years he’s been a mainstay in networking circles throughout our region, and, as a seasoned entrepreneur and trusted advisor, has developed a reputation as “Mr. Networking” in Portland (and beyond). Jon is a great teacher of networking and promotion and has helped countless individuals identify a success path for building their own professional networks. Need networking guidance? Jon’s your man!

    August 21, 2015, David was with another company when working with Jon at Jon Turino Marketing + Connections

    Ashley Roda     Ashley Roda

    Personal Stylist, Owner of Iconic Details

    Jon Turino IS MY LIFE SAVER! Jon was one of the first people I met after moving here to Portland and from day one to the present he has always welcomed me with open arms! He has not only been a wonderful marketing consultant, referral basis, center of influence but also a great friend! I have consulted his monthly networking calander for months now and I would not be in the networking position I am today with out his help! I would suggest Jon’s skills to anyone and everyone looking to market themselves or get key insights to the networking world of Portland Oregon!

    May 21, 2013, Ashley was with another company when working with Jon at Jon Turino Marketing + Connections

    Renee Wilbur     Renee Wilbur
    President of ReciProty & WRI: Turbocharged Sales & Business Training Leader

    Jon is one of the best Marketing Strategy Consultants that I have met. Not only does he assist others with their marketing strategies but he helps so many business owners connect to the resources they need. I have had the privilege to attend one of his courses and highly recommend them.

    April 3, 2013, Renee was with another company when working with Jon at Jon Turino Marketing + Connections

    Commercial Account Manager

    Jon is the most well-connected business professional I know. He is constantly becoming more involved in Portland’s business community and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business networking, marketing, and branding. One thing I love that Jon provides is his networking calendar. I use it to tell me which events to attend next to meet successful, driven professionals. Thanks, Jon!

    February 11, 2013, Carla was with another company when working with Jon at Jon Turino Marketing + Connections

President, My Business Strategy, Inc., & RE/MAX Broker

I’ve worked with Jon since mid 2012 and have been witnessing his keen marketing mind and many years of experience provide great results for me, my clients, and his own clients. He has a stellar reputation in the Portland, OR, business community and is very well networked with many movers and shakers as well as many top notch consultants/specialty business services firms. I highly recommend you invite Jon to assess your marketing strategies to ensure an optimal campaign performance. Ask him to make introductions to the people you need to know and you’ll see a high-level networker work his magic!

October 5, 2012, Andrew worked directly with Jon at Jon Turino Marketing + Connections

Gratitude Marketing Specialist at SendOutCards

If you have never shared a coffee chat with Jon Turino, shame on you. You have really missed learning from a true professional. Jon is a marketing master and shares his ideas freely with everyone. Chat and learn from a true great networking partner.

July 29, 2012, Jim was with another company when working with Jon at Jon Turino Marketing + Connections

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