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Inspiration Now! – New for 2015

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Inspiration Now! Book

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Inspiration Now! Book
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This book will give you the psychological and practical knowledge you must have so that you can turn your dreams and goals into reality!

Inspiration Now! helps its readers define and implement their dreams and desires for personal and professional happiness and success. It explains the process of visualizing and planning to achieve results no matter what the goal. It talks about time and life management issues and explains how to develop practical, workable goals, strategies and tactics for achieving these objectives.

Filled with engaging stories from the author’s own personal experiences, the book illustrates the importance of practicing to gain the skills a person needs to succeed, provides hints for maximizing personal performance and talks about the importance of celebrating successes. Central to the book’s theme is the description of how to use visual image formation to make the reality you’d like to live actually happen. If you are even the least bit “stuck” in any personal, business or professional way, you’ll want to read Inspiration Now! ASAP.


It is in itself an inspiring book that will help the reader realize the “magic” provided by the advice and empower him or her to achieve whatever it is that they desire.

CONTENTS Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device Picture

1 Welcome 1
2 Visualize & Plan 9
3 Managing Your Time, Managing Your Life 15
Time Management 16
Life Management 19
4 Goals, Strategies & Tactics 27
5 Practice, Practice, Practice 37
6 Performance — It Is Show Time 47
7 Realizing Your Dreams & Desires 57
8 Celebrate Your Achievements & Successes 67
9 Visual Image Formation 73
Create Your Mental Images 75
Couple Your Harmonious Feelings 78
Create Your New Reality 82
10 In Closing 89

COMMENTS from readers:                         Comment from Scott Pham 08-24-15

“LOVED the book!! “Inspiration Now!” is a must read for all who are interested in success, happiness, and making a difference in the world. This book has become my newest addition of books to read over and over again, along with other greats like “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Very inspirational and thoughtful, the book is easy to read; Jon’s use of stories based on his own experiences make’s it quite entertaining.” — Becky Tengwall, Co-Founder I Take The Lead

“I have always been honored to call Jon Turino a friend and mentor. His book should inspire all of us to follow our ‘Why.’ Thank you, Jon for the ‘kick in the rear.’” – Jim Teasley, SendOutCards

“This book has helped me surge forward with my goals and my dreams. Thank you, Jon, for putting your words of wisdom and encouragement in this powerhouse of a book. This will be a ‘go to’ book when we stumble across our doubts, fears and uncertainties.” – Judith Lind, Portland, OR

“Whether you are building your own future or helping others with theirs, this book is a valuable tool for creating a vision that is authentic, powerful and meaningful.” – Stephanie Austin,

“Does the world really need another motivational guide? Absolutely! Because for those of us who seek personal and professional growth, the simple daily habit of reading books just like this can be tremendously powerful. Jon Turino skillfully picks up the torch carried by the likes of Bob Proctor and Earl Nightingale before him, sharing lessons from his own achievements and providing tools and structure for his readers to discover and act on their own inspirations.” – David Baer,

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