Marketing Strategy Services

Marketing Strategy Services

I am still available to you for the marketing strategy services you may need to grow your business more quickly, efficiently, more successfully and more profitably.

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Work With One of Portland’s Premier Marketing Strategy Consulting Experts

Markets, Media and Messages for MoneyI’ll work with you to help you identify where your new customers really are, develop messages that will move them to action and help you choose the most effective media for delivering your messages to your target markets.

Messages that Resonate
Get assistance in crafting and refining messages your prospects will love and respond to positively.
Target Market Identification
Get help in identifying and selecting the target markets where the most prospects are likely to be found.
Media Selection
Get expert advice on choosing the right media for the messages for each target market segment.
Increase Sales and Profits
Better marketing strategies deliver better top and bottom line results with less work and more return on your investment.

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Better Marketing Strategies for Better Results

My mission is to help businesses grow through better marketing strategies. I love helping people grow their businesses by working smarter! Give your business a boost with Jon Turino Professional Services’ programs and services.

There is no “one size fits all” marketing strategy. The right strategy must be tailored to your business — its size, purpose, products, and services — and to your customers’ wants, needs and buying habits. The right strategy is completely unique to your business. I can help you increase your exposure to prospective customers, hone your messages, choose your media and thus increase sales, market share and profitability.