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LinkedIn Profile Services —
Development, Review, and Revision

  • Do you need a profile on LinkedIn?

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    Jon Turino’s LinkedIn Profile as of June 8, 2016
  • Do you have a profile on LinkedIn?
  • How good is your profile on LinkedIn?
  • How good are you at building it or improving it?
  • Could you use some help getting it created, evaluated, improved or revamped completely?
  • Do you just want someone else to “Handle it!” for you?
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Find out if each section of a Linkedin Profile tailored for your needs is needed. And, if it is, whether or not your current profile includes it — inadequately, adequately or excellently.

profile-badgeIf you’d rather spend your time earning money in your business rather than learning
how to build or improve your LinkedIn profile, or spending the time and effort needed to develop or improve it, let Jon Turino do it for you.

For very reasonable fees you can get just the services you need to make sure you have the right LinkedIn Profile for your specific business needs. Call Jon today to arrange for an expert Marketing Review of your LinkedIn Profile so you can decide on your next steps in getting the right profile for your needs.

Do you have the right sections? Are any of them missing or inadequate? Could you benefit from having them improved? You can have quick, expert answers to these questions for only $19.95! Then you and Jon can discuss what, if any, additional services you might want to contract for. 

Call Jon at 503-877-4609 to talk about how he can help you bring in more business by maximizing the effectiveness of your LinkedIn Profile.LI Profile Svs Pricing

At the very least you owe it to yourself to have an expert review of your current profile to see whether or not you may want to have it improved — work that Jon can do for you.

Make the best use of your time, energy and knowledge. Outsource the other stuff to Jon Turino – Your Virtual marketing Assistant!

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