Word Cloud Canvas - Presentation-Document-linksHere you can find links to various FREE presentations and documents on helping you grow your business through better marketing strategies. You’ll also find the Marketing Plan Game — the template for which is available for purchase so you can make a version for your business — and other documents that should be of interest to you on this page.

Need a presentation or a workshop leader for an upcoming event?  Contact me! Check out this example:

If you need presentations developed for your business, give me a call at 503-877-4609 or an email. I can help you with business/corporate stories, product or service stories, technical and white paper presentations and the like. I can also coach you in successful presentation delivery. Reasonable rates, quick turnaround.

Like the slides? Click HERE to order the book!


Get the Marketing Strategy Development e-Book!

Marketing-Strategy-Development-e-BookThis 18-page e-Book outlines the steps you need to take in developing a new marketing plan for your business or for fine-tuning a plan you already have in place.

Just fill out the contact form with “e-book” in the Your Subject box to request your free copy and it will be emailed to you.

New-BannerNew! Marketing Plan and Marketing Strategy PDF Fillable Worksheets!

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You can fill these interactive worksheets with your specific business information to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current marketing strategies and tactics.

Put Jon’s knowledge in marketing planning and strategy development to work for you. Order your electronic copies of these extremely valuable Marketing Planning and Marketing Strategy Worksheets now for the small fee of only $4.95!

Get them FREE if you buy Jon’s new book Inspiration Now! in either Kindle e-book or Amazon hard copy format. Or buy them stand-alone.

These are two of the forms Jon uses during consults with you to make sure that nothing gets missed in the marketing planning and marketing strategy development phases. You can complete them yourself or hire Jon to consult with you for professional assistance in developing better marketing strategies that will help you grow your business.


The Marketing Plan Seminar On Line

Now you can take learn the secrets to growing your business through better marketing strategies in the privacy of you home or office with the on line course version at Udemy. For only $19, you get almost an hour of video instruction just like you’d get at a live public or in-company seminar/workshop. Plus the ability to download all of the presentation slides and email questions to Jon Turino who will answer them promptly. Try this great learning mechanism today. Your money back if you are not satisfied that it was worth your time and money.

The Marketing Plan Seminar On-Line at


Play “The Marketing Plan Game” to test your knowledge.  It’s fun and informative!

The-Marketing-Plan-Game  This slide show presents the elements of a marketing plan in a game show format.  Find the daily doubles and Final Jeopardy!

Note:  You will need to click on “download” and then “open” in order to play the game. It is safe to download this file for saving and opening.

If your business could benefit from this kind of a presentation, or some other innovative marketing tactic that fits into your overall marketing strategy, contact Jon today to talk about how to get it done. Or visit the Packages-Pricing link for template pricing info.

Arrange to hear Jon’s educational presentation on developing your better marketing strategies.

Helping-Businesses-Grow-Through-Better-Marketing-StrategiesThis 18-slide presentation covers the elements of a marketing plan and many of the details that need to go into an effective marketing plan for your business. Listening to this presentation will help you in developing better marketing strategies to fuel the growth of your business.  If you’d like help in developing your plan, contact Jon today.

If you’d like to have Jon give this presentation, or a variation of it to your group please contact Jon. He’ll be happy to see if he can fit your event into his schedule and he can tailor the length of the presentation and the examples to match the needs of your audience.

View a short presentation on the importance of keeping control of your data base.

A 5 minute version of this talk was given as an IGNITE presentation at the 2013 PDX Digital Marketing Conference. You can watch that presentation here.

There are additional presentations by Jon on SlideShare.

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