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This page is occupied by trusted affiliates whose performance is known to be worthy of inclusion by Jon Turino Marketing + Connections.  If you need the services described by these affiliates, you can be assured that they will do a good job for you.  When you do contact any of these affiliates, please make sure they know that you found them on Jon Turino Marketing + Connections by providing Referral Code T2012. You may or may not be offered a referral discount when using this code so it is best to use it every time you contact one of our affiliates.

Branding Experts


Books, Book and eBook Design and Publishing

Bright-Light-Graphics At BrightLight Graphics we help Self publishers and small businesses with designing their covers and book and eBook interiors and overseeing the printing process. For Publishers we help with designing marketable book covers and professionally laid out book and eBook interiors that enhance the marketability of their authors.  We also do illustration work and graphic design. Phone 503-501-6031. Referral Code T2012


At One Spirit Press we are group of authors, editors, graphic designers and artists who guide and facilitate the writing and publication of works of spirit. We work successfully with a broad array of authors, styles and subject matters and strive to produce and publish books which enlighten, educate, and elevate our highest spiritual awareness and practice. Phone 503-954-0012. Referral Code T2013

Business Optimization and Personal Development

3P-HolisticSolutions LogoThe 3 P’s in 3P-Holistic Solutions stands for Power, Passion and Possibility.It is our belief that you cannot have one without the others and we’re committed to bringing that balance. We work with tools to bring a holistic approach to the mind, body and spirit of the person first, then move outward from there. Phone 503-928-4529. Referral Code T2

Career Coaches

CareerChoiceswithLauralogoAt Career Choices With Laura you’ll find help for midlife professionals who need to navigate their own career changes and detours, uncover their passions, and find their ideal work, through individual coaching, group workshops and inspiring presentations. Whether you’re looking for your next great job or you want to finally build that dream career, I can help. Phone 971-208- 5852. Referral Code T2013.

logo-OwlEye2Owl Eye Visionary Coaching‘s Bob Schuster  aims to empower the client with the knowledge that the client is really capable of overcoming. It is the clients business and who will be there the next time a challenge is presented. Read More. Phone 541-550-0586. Referral Code T2015


Knock-Out-Words At Knock Out Words we support small businesses through the power of language. We understand the importance of building a loyal customer base to give your small business a fighting chance. Customers want to know your story. Through carefully crafted web and print materials, we tell the story that sells your business. With Knock Out Words in your contacts, compelling content is always at hand.  Phone 503-724-2692. Referral Code T2012

CRM and Custom Applications

PreferatiAt Preferati our mission is to provide cutting edge web applications and implementation services. Preferati provides more  easy to use, revenue increasing or cost saving applications to it’s customers at a better price than the competition. We know first hand how technology can be leveraged to accelerate growth, optimize operations and mean the difference between stagnating or thriving.  Phone 1-800-494-7910. Referral Code T2012

PixelGigs logoAt PixelGigs you can sign up for ImpactOffice, a suite of tools that Impact Office Logoincludes customer relationship management, email marketing, video conferencing, large file sharing, webmail and autoreponder — all fully integrated in the cloud for one low monthly price. Stop paying for multiple non-integrated solutions and wasting time duplicating your efforts maintaining multiple databases. Check out ImpactOffice today. Also check the PixelGigs business opportunity.

Event Planning, Production and Promotion

Trinity Event :Productions Logo At Trinity Event Productions we are a full service events management and marketing group providing services since 2008. Trinity Event Productions will bring your visions of your corporate, association or personal special occasion or event to reality with class and style. We strive to make your event comes off right so this it is one to always remember fondly.  Phone 503-789-0161. Referral Code T2012

Graphic Designers

Lewis-creative-logo At Lewis Creative we have the experience to span a wide array of design specialties, including corporate identity, packaging, online advertising, broadcast and direct marketing. From high tech corporations to non-profit organizations, we can visualize, create and produce campaigns from start to finish that speak to the target audience, achieve the objectives and stay within budget.  Phone 503-914-7012. Referral Code T2012

Hendersonian-Design At Hendersonian Designs we help you attract more business by translating your marketing plan into a strong, clear graphics campaign that unifies your corporate image and converts your target audience into active clients. If you need to promote your business and stick to a budget, but are confused over which designer to choose, then you’ve come to the right place. Explore our design packages and pricing. Phone 503.719.7165. Referral Code T2012

Lead Sources

LeadFerret Logo LeadFerret is an excellent source for free business contact information that includes complete information for every record, including email addresses. Many of the records even include social media links. It’s not a trial, it’s really a completely free account. Use the link below to create your account, and I will be rewarded with a few points that I can use to download records. You can do the same thing once you create an account.

On-Line Marketing Agencies

The Outsourcing Company At The Outsourcing Company we’re staffed by a team of like-minded experts spread across North America and closely connected by the medium they work in: the internet. (Hey, you are what you eat-sleep-drink, eat-sleep-think). We help our customers become bigger, stronger and more successful online with digital marketing strategies. To learn more about what we do and how well we do it, check out our FREE report. Phone 503-367-7561. Referral Code T2012

BOMblogheaderAt Baer On Marketing you’ll find consulting, training and applications to help you succeed at your social media based online marketing efforts. David Baer brings years of experience and a host of affiliate products and services to you — as little or as much as you need to succeed. Visit his website today. (link)  Referral Code T2015

Referral Marketing and Management

Trusted Team Logo

Trusted Team is a next generation referral platform for professionals and small businesses to generate and track referrals with the people they know, like, and trust. No matter what your business type, we are here to support you in the most profitable and least expensive form of business…REFERRALS! Sign up today to begin building and marketing your Trusted Team!

Small Business Development Companies

BESThq LogoBESThq / Probity Builders provides a sustainable business community servicing and supporting small and historically underutilized entrepreneurs.  In collaboration with agencies and large and small businesses, we strive to build strong relationships, empower entrepreneurs, and create an inclusive community while managing risk and strategically growing sustainable business. Phone (503) 626-1700. Referral Code T2012

ProductiveFlourishing-LogoAt Productive Flourishing we are a small business development company helping people build better businesses by focusing on getting more customers, increasing profit, and growing strategically. Led by Charlie Gilkey, an in-demand speaker, coach, and consultant, Productive Flourishing is focused on three things: getting more customers, increasing profit, and growing strategically.  Phone 971-255-0918. Referral Code T2012

Search Engine Optimization Experts

At Columbia SEO Consulting we help you get more paying customers from the Internet. Having a web site with no traffic is like having a store with no customers! You need our services for one reason: You’re looking for more traffic, more customers, and more profit from your web site. And that’s exactly what our SEO experts do here at Columbia SEO Consulting. Phone 877-349-4155. Referral Code T2012 for a 10% discount on their initial service and 75% off any setup fee.

Social Media Experts

Garrison-MarketingAt Garrison Marketing Solutions we strive to help connect local business professionals with their community through social media networking education. By working with us you will learn how to harness the power of various networking resources both on and off line. We will help you become known so that when your client is pondering their next project, your name will be the first on their mind. Phone 971-231-4059. Referral Code T2012.

Heyo helps you customize fan pages, launch mobile apps, and generate web sites all in one place. Save time and money while you reach more customers, wherever they are. Choose from our 30+ widgets to build and customize your fan page. From coupons and buy buttons to contest and email opt ins. Do it all without using code. You really do have all the power. Just how it should be. Click here for more info on fan page customization.  And if you need to go mobile, click on the banner below for a great mobile app offer from Heyo.


Northwest-Business-Videos At Northwest Business Videos we create videos for small businesses and promote them online. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, cost-effective videos that bring results. Videos that feature actual small business owners, not canned virtual spokespeople or cheap-looking stills. Visit our site for a free report on using video to market your business more successfully. Watch our Introductory video. Phone 503-303-8563. Referral Code T2012

10 Bridges Media logo

At 10 Bridges Media we think text is boring. We don’t do boring, we do videos. 10 Bridges Media creates commercial, educational, instructional, documentary, and humorous videos for television and the web. We provide creative services and full video production.  Watch an example video here.  Phone 503-482-9151. Referral Code T2012

tyler-colson-media At Tyler Colson Media we are a digital community building agency. We obsess and toil to help businesses grow their community by creating amazing content and even better context to connect with their clients and employees. We specialize in Video Production, Social Media Marketing Digital Photography, Commercial and Portrait Photography, Video Blogging and YouTube.  Phone 971-226-0181. Referral Code T2012

SpheroVisionNW At spheroVisionNW we specialize in 720° Interactive Visuals. Created from photos taken using specialized equipment, the final product is created by seamlessly merging a series of high definition images (usually 12) into a single Interactive Visual, which is then displayed on the user’s website as 720° Interactive Virtual tours in svHDR / Full Screen Quality. Phone (503) 857-3391Referral Code T2012

Website Developers

Get-Word-Press-LogoAt GetWPress we build websites using WordPress, the worlds fastest growing and search-engine-friendly website hosting platform. We can convert existing websites over to WordPress, keeping your existing site’s look and feel identically, or build you a new site from scratch. We offer a service that’s fast, affordable, and most of all dependable. Phone 503-766-2194Referral Code Turino

KarmaWebDesigns At Karma Web Designs we build custom websites using the latest technology and Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Once the sites are finished our sites give you – the owner, the ability to seamlessly and easily update your content from any computer in the world without the need for expensive and overly complex software. Phone 503-547-3089. Referral Code T2012

Bizlabpdx At BizLabPdx we are here to help if you need to build or promote your website!  Our WordPress Experts will help you build a site, and/or teach you to build or manage your site on your own.  Then our Search Engine Marketing Team will help you drive traffic to your site.  We can also help with your social media needs.  Learn more about our Classes and Services.  Phone (503) 345-3367. Referral Code T2012

Other Business Affiliates

While these firms are not directly marketing strategy implementation related, they are business related and can be of significant help to you should you need the functions they provide. Please remember to let them know you found them here.

Bookkeeping Services

Mekvold-Quality-Bookkeeping At Mekvold Quality Bookkeeping I  can help you wade through those receipts and the necessary paperwork that comes with owning a business.  I can come in and get those bills paid, the invoices entered, the payroll prepared and the bank balanced in a relatively short period of time while you’re doing what you enjoy:  making clients/customers happy and making money at the same time.  Phone 503-321-4114Referral Code T2012

Merchant Service Processors

WorldPay LogoAt WorldPay, we help you securely accept a range of payment types — including Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express® and debit cards. In-person, online or on-the-go, WorldPay helps you make the sale. Easily accept credit cards and other non-cash payments using the secure, tamper-resistant and proprietary WorldPay terminal.  Phone 503-214-0124. Referral Code T2012

IT Support

Definitive-LLC-Logo At Definitive LLC we  fulfill the need for a recognized need for an IT company that specializes in quality design services, computers systems, and sound systems. We are here to provide you with services that promote higher productivity at work and a relaxing computer experience while at home. Give us a chance to serve, you won’t be disappointed! Phone (503) 489-8219. Referral Code T2012

My-IT-Assurance At My IT Assurance we reduce the down-time when you need help. Our Unix/Linux and Windows clients get the benefits of a full-time IT Staff without the full-time cost.  They enjoy the protection of regular check-ups from qualified technicians for scheduled maintenance, backups, software updates and security enhancements. All of this for a set monthly fee! Phone 503.893.4265Referral Code T2012

Business Coaching

catalystislogo-smallCatalystis provides consulting to enhance the knowledge and skills required, and coaching to build the desire of people to perform at their best for the organization. From looking at specific performance indicators to company wide factors, it usually is not difficult to find the ‘low hanging fruit’ that can be the difference between another year passing, and celebrating goals being surpassed. Phone 503-796-2700. Referral Code T2012 At Expect Success Coaching & Training  we’re here to help you win. Our team of professionals helps our clients take this same journey. We’ve built many successful companies. We mentor people such as yourself in how to overcome those frustrating, anxiety-provoking problems that are holding you back. Our coaching programs help you bypass pitfalls, and resolve obstacles, and gives you a light year jump towards doubling, tripling, or more your income. Phone 503-395-8445. Referral Code T2012

TrueResults-Coaching At True Results Coaching I help business professionals create highly successful habits. Our focus is on growing your business by helping you strengthen your effectiveness, attract and turn clients into raving fans, develop rock solid confidence and design and execute an action road map that improves results and removes obstacles. Go here to Get The Business & Personal Breakthrough You Need to be more successful.  Phone 503-784-9250. Referral Code T2012

Printing Services

MOO Printing was born out of a love of beautiful, high-quality print. We help our customers print things like Business Cards, Postcards and MiniCards, making it easy for them to share information about themselves or their business in the real world.


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