A Marketing Sandwich

Monte Cristo Sliced ham. Sliced turkey. Sliced Swiss cheese.  Sliced bread. Scrambled eggs mixed with a tablespoon or two of milk, some cinnamon and some vanilla extract. Butter and a hot  skillet. What are we making?

The list of ingredients isn’t very fancy now, is it? Some pretty basic ingredients to work with.  We could make  a variety of things with our ingredients. A ham, cheese and turkey sandwich, for instance. Some scrambled eggs and some cinnamon toast. How about some French toast? Or how about a Monte Cristo sandwich? Doesn’t  that sound tasty?

And what does all of this have to do with marketing?  Think about the list of ingredients as the raw materials of your product or services. Think about the recipe as the packaging and the finished product as the presentation.

How different is your  ham, turkey and cheese sandwich from those supplied by your competition? Or your scrambled eggs? Or even  your French toast?  Ah, but a Monte Cristo sandwich? How many of your competitors offer one of those? How many restaurants for that matter?

Messages, media, markets. Monte Cristo sandwiches. It’s what’s for brunch today. Make sense?

Enjoy the sandwich. Add some syrup or jam if you like it with something sweet. Call me or take one of my courses if you’d like help cooking up your own better marketing strategies.

And please leave your comments. I will respond to them.

Chef’s Note: Mix the eggs, cinnamon, milk and vanilla together with a fork or a whisk. Soak the bread on both sides and cook on buttered skillet until golden brown on one side. Flip to cook 2nd side and add turkey, ham and cheese to sides already cooked. Then fold together to make into a complete sandwich. Flip as needed until cheese is melted and serve immediately with fruit, jam/jelly or syrup. Makes a very tasty meal!