4 critical questions about your current LinkedIn profile

See What you MissedWhen was the last time you paid attention to your current LinkedIn profile? Was it when you first put it up many months or years ago? Has it been stagnant? Is it out of date? Your LinkedIn profile can be a valuable asset in helping you achieve your personal and business goals. So take a few minutes to answer these 4 critical questions about your current LinkedIn profile:

  1. Are you missing out on valuable contacts and connections because your profile doesn’t stand out from your competition?

2. Could you use the extra business that an all-star class profile could help you bring in?

3. Do you know what opportunities you may be missing because you have a less-than-optimal profile?

4. Are you being left out of potentially lucrative new jobs or new business ventures?

The answers to these questions should be (1) NO, (2) YES, (3) YES, and (4) NO!

Do you want a profile that will let you get the right answers? And the valuable contacts and connections? And the extra business? Without the lost opportunity cost? And without missing out on potentially lucrative new opportunities?

If so, invest an hour in yourself, your profile and your success on LinkedIn by learning – and applying! – the 30+ things you must know to create an all-star class profile.

You can find lots of information on the basics of building a mediocre or even an adequate LinkedIn profile in hundreds of places. But you can only get the information that will give you the right answers you need to create and all-star profile in one place: the 2-part Building Your Ideal LinkedIn Profile recordings produced by LinkedIn All-Star and  Sophisticated LinkedIn Marketer Jon Turino, CEO of Jon Turino Marketing + Connections.

You’ve missed the live interactive web broadcast presentations that were made on June 23rd and June 30th. But you can get — for a limited time only — access to the pre-recorded versions of these programs without the live interruptions and asides that occurred during the live sessions. You can get access to the pristine, uninterrupted sessions that were recorded prior to the live session.

Part one in the first 28-minute recording covers optimizing your header and profile images; choosing the right title (including SEO keywords so you can be found first); creating and placing the all-important summary section and much, much more.

Part two shows you how to take maximum advantage of media links — and in which sections of your profile you can place them for maximum impact — along with publications, organizations, awards, posts (including what kinds, when and how often) — and getting and using your LinkedIn profile badge. It concludes with an all-important discussion of organizing your profile sections for maximum effectiveness — information you won’t get anywhere else!

The cost for the two live interactive sessions was $49. You won’t get a chance to ask questions in real time with the pre-recorded versions, so I’ve reduced the price for them to only $27.95 so that you can get this must-have valuable information NOW.  Find out how you can make your LinkedIn profile sizzle by investing the small price and an hour of your time to learn to do just that.

You’ll get immediate access to both videos and you’ll be able to watch them as often as you’d like so that you don’t have to do all the profile work you’ll want to do all at one time. You’ll also get a pdf copy of all of the slides used in both presentations so that you can make notes specific to the sections of your profile that need the most attention.

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You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!