4 critical questions about your current LinkedIn profile

See What you Missed When was the last time you paid attention to your current LinkedIn profile? Was it when you first put it up many months or years ago? Has it been stagnant? Is it out of date? Your LinkedIn profile can be a valuable asset in helping you achieve your personal and business goals. So take a few minutes to answer these 4 critical questions about your current LinkedIn profile:

  1. Are you missing out on valuable contacts and connections because your profile doesn’t stand out from your competition?

2. Could you use the extra business that an all-star class profile could help you bring in?

3. Do you know what opportunities you may be missing because you have a less-than-optimal profile?

4. Are you being left out of potentially lucrative new jobs or new business ventures?

The answers to these questions should be (1) NO, (2) YES, (3) YES, and (4) NO!

Do you want a profile that will let you get the right answers? And the valuable contacts and connections? And the extra business? Without the lost opportunity cost? And without missing out on potentially lucrative new opportunities?

If so, invest an hour in yourself, your profile and your success on LinkedIn by learning – and applying! – the 30+ things you must know to create an all-star class profile.

You can find lots of information on the basics of building a mediocre or even an adequate LinkedIn profile in hundreds of places. But you can only get the information that will give you the right answers you need to create and all-star profile in one place: the 2-part Building Your Ideal LinkedIn Profile recordings produced by LinkedIn All-Star and  Sophisticated LinkedIn Marketer Jon Turino, CEO of Jon Turino Marketing + Connections.

You’ve missed the live interactive web broadcast presentations that were made on June 23rd and June 30th. But you can get — for a limited time only — access to the pre-recorded versions of these programs without the live interruptions and asides that occurred during the live sessions. You can get access to the pristine, uninterrupted sessions that were recorded prior to the live session.

Part one in the first 28-minute recording covers optimizing your header and profile images; choosing the right title (including SEO keywords so you can be found first); creating and placing the all-important summary section and much, much more.

Part two shows you how to take maximum advantage of media links — and in which sections of your profile you can place them for maximum impact — along with publications, organizations, awards, posts (including what kinds, when and how often) — and getting and using your LinkedIn profile badge. It concludes with an all-important discussion of organizing your profile sections for maximum effectiveness — information you won’t get anywhere else!

The cost for the two live interactive sessions was $49. You won’t get a chance to ask questions in real time with the pre-recorded versions, so I’ve reduced the price for them to only $27.95 so that you can get this must-have valuable information NOW.  Find out how you can make your LinkedIn profile sizzle by investing the small price and an hour of your time to learn to do just that.

You’ll get immediate access to both videos and you’ll be able to watch them as often as you’d like so that you don’t have to do all the profile work you’ll want to do all at one time. You’ll also get a pdf copy of all of the slides used in both presentations so that you can make notes specific to the sections of your profile that need the most attention.

Let’s get you started on your way to an all-star LinkedIn profile that will help you avoid missing out on valuable contacts and connections, get extra business, stop missing out on potentially lucrative new opportunities and avoid being left behind by your competition. CLICK HERE to get your course video links and pdf file delivered to you via email ASAP.

There’s no risk to you with our 7-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t think the course is worth the price we’ll refund your money. And you can keep the pdf file with the copies of the slides as our way of saying “Thank you!” for your business. So don’t wait! CLICK HERE NOW to order and begin creating your ideal LinkedIn profile.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Sharpen Your Networking Skills

Sharpen your networking skills with this brand new online course!

Networking Course Graphic with Link

You may have seen the links on my website to some short tutorials on networking. And I hope you’ve had a chance to watch the Networking Nuggets™ series on YouTube. But you haven’t seen anything like this new course on networking!

Have you been told that you need to “network” in order to build your business or find a new, better job? Have you been networking with less success than you’d like to achieve?

Are you unsure about the what, where, why and how of networking effectively?

When you take this course you will learn the things you need to know to really make business networking really work for you.

We cover goals, attitude, and tools and talk about what you need to do after a networking event to maximize your return on investment from participating in business networking events.

Is this course for you? It is if you fit one of these descriptions:

  • Networking novices who’d like to become effective networkers
  • Experienced networkers who’d like to have new material to use
  • Marketing people, sales people, small business owners, public relations agents
  • Anyone wondering about the what, why, how and where of networking

Will you get what you need from this course? You will if you’d like to:

  • Watch 7 lectures with 40 minutes of video content and downloadable slides!
  • Learn how to decide whether networking events should be part of your marketing strategy mix
  • Be able to choose which networking events have the highest value for you
  • Participate with maximum effectiveness in networking events
  • Gain the most long-term results from your networking activities

I urge you to Enroll NOW! to take your business networking activities up to the next level!

Want even more information? Watch the Introduction section or visit https://jonturino.com/jons-courses/ for more information and a link that will letter you preview the entire course.

Order the new Networking Necessities, Niceties and No-Nos online course NOW! It has a 30-day money-back guarantee so your risk is absolutely zero!

Thank you for reading and please do share this post with your friends who network as part of their marketing strategy mix. They’ll thank you for it!



Check Out the New Networking Nuggets Series

New Networking Nuggets Video Series

Networking Nuggets Banner

I’ve just added a new series of short (1-2 minute) videos named Networking Nuggets, complete with graphics showing the key points for each nugget, on the topic of networking. The first ten of these vignettes are now up and available now on YouTube!

In the Networking Nuggets series you’ll find tips on getting together physically, making sure your business card is up to snuff, letting people know who you are, how to be better connected, how not to be a networking “sinner,” how to become a super networker and several other topics. And, depending on their popularity, there will be more — perhaps even many more! — to come.

You can find this new Networking Nuggets series on YouTube at the following links:

Networking Nuggets #1 – How To Get Together, Away From The Computer  https://youtu.be/Yw7_U7fNPXg

Networking Nugget #2 – How To Make Sure Your Business Card is Networking Ready  https://youtu.be/GsJxZwrrjhU

Networking Nugget #3 – How To Let People Know Who You Are

Networking Nugget #4 – How To Be Better Connected

Networking Nugget #5 – How Not To Be A Networking Sinner

Networking Nugget #6 – How To Be A Super Networker

Networking Nugget #7 – How To Conquer Your Fear Of Speaking At Networking Events  https://youtu.be/0vmMX08nnmk

Networking Nugget #8 – How To Make The Most Of Networking Events

Networking Nugget #9 – How To Use Some Interesting Networking Technigues

Networking Nugget #10 – How Not To Feel Awkward At Networking Events  https://youtu.be/1Gh8WrUh-1I

I hope you enjoy these first ten short videos and find them useful. And please do share them freely with your friends and colleagues. Thanks!

Want help with your networking activities? Hone your skill by taking the Business Networking Necessities, Niceties and No-Nos course on YesCourse.com.

YesCourse Graphic 2

Yes Course Graphic






Want even more help? Get one-on-one consulting from the master networker of Portland: Jon Turino!

Networking Consult Image

You can actually book a session online using jonturino/youcanbook.me. The cost is only $65 per session.

You’ll get personalized advice on why you might want to consider networking, where to network, who to network with and how to network most effectively — including the critical follow-up steps! Book your session today!


Please share this post with your friends and colleagues in your networking world! Thanks!

November 23rd Monday Marketing Minutes

November 23rd Monday Marketing Minutes


The third episode of Monday Marketing Minutes™ was broadcast live via YouTube using Google+ Hangouts On Air.

Here’s a summary of the tips and advice that were included in this episode. You can click on the image above to watch the replay on YouTube at your convenience. And if you have marketing questions you’d like answered you can always send them to me at jon@jonturino.com for inclusion in a future episode of Monday Marketing Minutes.
Slide3 The tips presented during the November 23rd, 2015, episode have to do with measuring your marketing. If you can’t measure something it is virtually impossible to improve it so measuring and monitoring are part of the cohesive and comprehensive marketing plan mentioned in the November 16th episode.

There are a great many tools available to you on your website and social media platforms, like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and LinkedIn Statistics and they will work best if you plan your landing pages to take advantage of them.

The idea is to monitor your statistics to see what is working the best and use that information to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work. It’s not rocket science but it can make a huge difference in the level of success that your marketing campaigns achieve.

Slide4 The advice presented during this episode dealt with considering the use of the Power of Free as a marketing strategy or tactic. You can use free things to build interest, build credibility and awareness and even to increase the size of your audience.

Think about it. The bakery that provides free samples sells a lot more muffins or cupcakes or pies or cakes than the one down the street that doesn’t offer them. Free trials are a great way to get people “hooked” on your product so that they will later convert to a version for which you get paid. The same goes for so-called “basic” accounts that give you some, but not all, of the full feature set of the product. These things work and they don’t have to cost a lot of money.

Today’s episode was the first broadcast to include a guest presenter — Mr. Leon Henry from WebStep in the U.K. Leon is a marketing and social media consultant who helps his clients similarly to what I do for mine.

Slide7 We also had three questions from an audience member, Nana Bellerud, on the topic of business networking and those were addressed during the audience question portion of the program.

You can watch the replay of the complete broadcast here. Enjoy and please do remember to send me your questions for future episodes of Monday Marketing Minutes. You’ll find links to all past and future episodes HERE.

Hangout on Air Guest Invitation 825x400 Cropped And, as always, please do contact me if you’d like help with your marketing plans, strategies, and tactics. I’d love to be of service to you in building your business through better marketing.


November 16th Monday Marketing Minutes

November 16th Monday Marketing Minutes


The second episode of Monday Marketing Minutes™ was broadcast live via YouTube using Google+ Hangouts On Air.

Here’s a summary of the tips and advice that were included in this episode. You can click on the image above to watch the replay on YouTube at your convenience. And if you have marketing questions you’d like answered you can always send them to me at jon@jonturino.com for inclusion in a future episode of Monday Marketing Minutes.

Slide2 The tips presented during the November 16th, 2015, episode had to do with understanding that marketing is a process and not an event. Your marketing strategy and tactics need to be well planned in advance of the execution of your plan.

The plan itself must be cohesive if it is to be maximally successful. That means that all of the underlying strategies, tactics, messages and media selection must tie together and have a common look and feel. This applies as well to online marketing via social media and the design of websites and landing pages. The plan must also be comprehensive, covering all the bases in terms of media and messaging.

I also spoke about remembering that marketing involves everyone in the company from corporate management to customer service personnel — including every employee — and not just the marketing department.

Slide3 The advice presented during this episode dealt with remembering WHY people buy: based on emotions and supported by logic. The emotions can fall into many categories, including being fed or driven by necessity, need, want, desire or ego. So when the messages are crafted they need to trigger the buying impulses based on the emotions you think will be strongest for your product or service.

I used some slides from my Probiotic Marketing™ presentation/infographic to illustrate these points. People buy things — or do anything else for that matter —  based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Thus, you need to craft your message to match the level of need — physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem and the self-actualization levels — if you are to be successful. The three slides that followed in the broadcast were used to illustrate these points.

You can watch the replay of the complete broadcast here. Enjoy and please do remember to send me your questions for future episodes of Monday Marketing Minutes. You’ll find links to all past and future episodes HERE.

Hangout on Air Guest Invitation 1000x485 And, as always, please do contact me if you’d like help with your marketing plans, strategies, and tactics. I’d love to be of service to you in building your business through better marketing.


November 9th Monday Marketing Minutes

November 9th Monday Marketing Minutes


The first episode of Monday Marketing Minutes™ was broadcast live via YouTube using Google+ Hangouts On Air.

Here’s a summary of the tips and advice that were included in this episode. You can click on the image above to watch the replay on YouTube at your convenience. And if you have marketing questions you’d like answered you can always send them to jon@jonturino.com for inclusion in a future episode of Monday Marketing Minutes.

Slide2 The tips presented during the November 9th, 2015, episode had to do with analyzing your current customer base so that you can find out who your best customers are and why they are your best customers. With this information in hand, you can then craft a strategy to find more customers like them from other sources.

Knowing who your best customers are, what they are buying and, perhaps most importantly, why they are buying is critical to identifying places to locate additional members of your most successful target markets, crafting messages that will resonate with those prospects the way your current messaging is working with your current top customers and using the right media for reaching new audiences containing prospects who best fit your target customer profile.

Slide3 The advice presented during this episode dealt with the message development step in crafting the most effective messages — messages that not only appeal to the logic the customer uses to justify purchasing what you are selling but also to the emotions — the belly — that trigger the buying impulse. Both elements must usually be present to motivate an immediate purchase.

It’s also critical to understand WHY people buy things in order to craft the right message for them. Eliminating a problem or alleviating pain is often a good strategy, depending on the product or service being offered. Other good inducements include reducing fear of loss, desire for gain, the need for comfort and convenience, the satisfaction of emotional needs and the creation of a better lifestyle or life condition.

You can watch the replay of the complete broadcast here. Enjoy and please do remember to send me your questions for future episodes of Monday Marketing Minutes. You’ll find links to all past and future episodes HERE.

Hangout on Air Guest Invitation 1000x485

And, as always, please do contact me if you’d like help with your marketing plans, strategies, and tactics. I’d love to be of service to you in building your business through better marketing.


7 More Reasons Not To Hire An Expert

7 More Reasons Not To Hire An Expert







It was three years ago this month that I wrote a post about Ten Reasons Not To Hire An Expert. I got to thinking today about that subject for some reason and thought I’d share some additional reasons with you.

  1. You are too smart to need any help from anyone. You know everything there is to know about every subject under the sun. There isn’t a question you can’t answer nor a topic you can’t expound upon with certainty. If it weren’t for the fact that I think that puts you into category seven below I would actually envy you.
  2. It would hurt your pride to admit that you could use some help. This is more of a male trait than a female trait. Not being willing to admit to being lost and not being willing to ask for directions is the epitome of this. So is refusing to read a user’s or instruction manual. How many things have you screwed up, broken or had to replace for this reason? Just remember: pride usually goeth before a fall.
  3. You can afford the time, effort and expense of doing things over again instead of doing them right the first time with a little help from someone who knows more about the task that needs doing than you do. Just think about the amount of wasted time, effort and expense, not to mention the long-term negative effects on your life, your business and even the environment from indulging in this strategy.
  4. You can’t afford it because you never budgeted for it. This is such a common problem with small businesses as to be almost epidemic. This one came from a friend of mine who is a CPA. It helps explain why so many small business owners are never able to scale their businesses to success.
  5. You don’t see why you should pay someone for sharing their expertise with you even if it will take away your pain and frustration and provide you with more time, energy and profits. If this is what you feel, why do you think someone should pay you for your product or service or time or labor or knowledge?
  6. You are too stubborn to accept help even when it doesn’t cost you anything directly. This is truly a cardinal sin in today’s world of the overwhelming availability of knowledge and expertise in virtually every field known to mankind. If you Google a subject and don’t get at least several pages of hits then I’d suggest you become the expert in that topic. When you see something offered that might help you, take advantage of it!
  7. You are too ignorant to know that you actually need help. This puts you into the category of unconscious incompetent and you have my sympathy. There are ways to become conscious of the areas in which you could use some help and then to act upon that new knowledge. Does that make sense?

You can read the original article, which was couched in far more polite language than I’ve used here. Or you can ignore it and dismiss this one as well. See reason number one above.

As always, your comments, compliments, brickbats and other non-profane thoughts and words are welcome.





Chapter 1

1 Welcome

Quote #1

Welcome, dear reader. And thank you for making the decision to read this book. That decision indicates that you have an interest in changing your life for the better. It shows that you want to learn something new that will help you improve your present situation.

You’ve made a good decision, for the simple decision to learn something new is one of the first steps in personal and professional growth. Learning is critical to staying mentally and physically sharp no matter what your age. It’s been said that when you stop learning, you begin to die. So don’t ever stop learning!

There is magic in this book. Not so much in the words but in the results that will happen for you as you go through the processes that may fit your situation best. You’ll discover how to make your dreams and desires become reality. You’ll find ways to become the person you want to be. You’ll learn to find happiness and satisfaction in accomplishing your goals.

Are you truly happy in your current relationships with yourself, your significant other, your career, your community, your constituency or any other people or things with whom you interact? If not, there is only one person who can change things to make you truly happy. And that person is YOU!

How do YOU define happiness?

Think about that for a moment.  The critical words in the previous paragraph are “important to you.” Throughout this book you will find advice, suggestions and exercises that start with making sure that what you are going after is truly important to you, and not some superficial thing that your mate, your boss or society thrusts upon you in the name of success.

Will that bigger screen television make you truly happy? And, if so, for how long? What about the fancy new car, a bigger house or the promotion? What if the new TV helps you isolate you from your spouse and children? What if it adds to your debt? How about that car? Besides the monthly payment does it raise your auto insurance premium to astronomical levels, make you a target for local law enforcement and tempt you to do reckless things while driving?

And what about the big, fancy expensive house? How much time and money will you spend decorating and maintaining it? Or throwing parties to show it off? The promotion you’ll need to pay for all these things might come with an impressive title and a corner office. An office you might spend very little time in because your new prestigious high-paying position requires you to spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in cramped airplane seats as you suffer the vagaries of what passes for commercial air travel these days. How much of this will make you happy?

The way you see yourself and feel about yourself will have a tremendous impact on how far you go in life and whether or not you fulfill your destiny. — Joel Osteen

Answering that question requires that you take time and effort to think about what happiness means to you. What success means to you. What fulfillment means to you. And what tradeoffs you are willing to make both short and long term, to achieve your goals. It really boils down to how you feel about yourself in both the short- and long-term. Because the way you see yourself and feel about yourself will have a tremendous impact on how far you go in life and whether or not you fulfill your destiny.

If it is important to you to spend time with your children so that they grow up to be productive members of society, however you may define that, does spending the majority of your time away from home on business matters contribute to the accomplishment of that goal?

If going camping most weekends in different locales is important to you, will having a house that requires a full day of maintenance each weekend be compatible with that goal?

While you will find magic in this book, you will not find a magic wand. You will find tools and techniques to help you achieve what is important to you with effort, sacrifice, trade-offs and work.

We’ll explore the topic of visualizing the outcomes you wish to achieve as you move through your life and career choices. You’ll learn who to integrate into your plans so

Once you learn how to be happy, you won’t tolerate being around people who make you feel anything less.

that they support your vision and contribute to your long-term happiness, contentment and success. You’ll realize the importance of practicing and how good it feels when that practice pays off when it comes to realizing your dreams and desires. We’ll also talk about the importance of celebrating your successes – small and large, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year.

Perhaps the most critical messages are contained in Visual Image Formation. That is where you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of making “the magic” happen – of making your pictures, coupling them with pleasurable feelings and then making them real. This is how I have been able to do some amazing, remarkable and wonderfully rewarding things over the years.

I went to a customer in Canada one winter in the mid-1970s – when I was in my late 20s – to collect $125,000 for a piece of test equipment that still wasn’t working. The company I worked for needed the money to survive and I was the VP of customer support (which is another story for later in this book). I received the check and my people eventually got things working. The company survived.

Who could have told me that at age 28 I’d be talking to the 50-year old General Manager of a multi-million dollar division of an office machines supplier, basically begging for enough cash to let our company keep its promises to him. I could hardly imagine it as I was doing it!

I gave presentations to audiences in the hundreds. Sometimes on topics I was given on short notice and sometimes for clients I had ghost-written them for. And I won awards for many of those presentations. I don’t tell you this to brag. I say this to illustrate the point that you will be amazed at what you can do when you put your mind to it.

I wrote a 77-page book over a single weekend in 1978. I decided to self-publish it. This was long before print-on-demand and e-books for those of you who may not be old enough to remember when you took a typed – not word processed – manuscript to your local printer and had him make your first print run. And you went to VeloBind to get covers and binding strips and even punching and binding machines.

I had the book printed on very nice paper and the hard cover was a walnut veneer with gold printing. Very good looking and conveying very high quality. The book was titled “Design for Testability” and I priced it at $95. That’s $95 in 1978 dollars, which today would be roughly $347. For a 77-page book in 8-1/2” x 11” format.

Everyone said that I was crazy to ever expect to sell any of these books. But I was convinced based on experience that there was a knowledge vacuum on this topic that I could fill. So I bought a full-page ad in Electronics Test magazine for $1,800 (which today would cost $6,500).

And I sold a few books. About half as many as needed to pay for the ad. But I ran the ad again the following month and sold 3 times as many books as I needed to pay for the ad. I was now on the way to profitability, even with a $10 ($36.50) cost of goods sold. And sales kept increasing.

Gosh, it was fun to get the mail every day. Orders with checks attached. Names of book buyers who obviously had a significant problem to get their companies to spend that amount of money for a book. Going to the garage to punch, bind and put the covers on those books was a labor of love. J

Not six months after that first book was sold I was in the seminar business teaching design for testability to all of the major electronics manufacturers in the United States. My little book had become “The Bible” of design for testability. And it remained that way for over ten years.

Why do I tell you that story? Only to point out that what I’m about to say to you in this book is not fiction. Nor is it wishful thinking. It is a compendium of thoughts, beliefs, and processes that are proven to work. Because they have worked for me and, properly applied, they will work for you.

I was privileged in my formative stages many years ago to have had many opportunities to listen to many wise people. And to be associated with several people who I respected and admired and who became role models for me. I have also been privileged to have become a mentor, an example and a role model for others. And it is that role – that role of giving to others, of inspiring them to do things they never thought that they could do –  that I cherish most throughout all these many years.

I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say “Because of you I didn’t give up.”

And so, dear reader, I invite you to move on to the rest of this book in the hope that you will take my words to heart. I believe that following at least some of them will do you some good. Enjoy, grow and succeed.

There is magic in pursuing personal growth.


If any of the above resonates with you at all you owe it to yourself to read the whole book. You can order it at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RQT1BLK for only $3.49 (electronic) or $12.95 (printed copy that you can hold in your hands — highly recommended!)




What Can I Do For You?

What Can I Do For You?


How can I help you? How may I be of service? What might you need that would make your life easier, more productive, more profitable or more fun? What keeps you awake at night?

These are the kinds of open-ended questions that are designed to get to the root cause of a person’s needs, wants and desires so that you can help them — either personally, professionally or with your business product or service.

Years ago, when I was selling pianos and electronic organs in my father’s music store I learned the value of open-ended questions. If, for example, you ask someone “Can I help you?” there are multiple possible answers other than the “Yes” that you are looking for. “No,” “Not now,” and “I’m fine” come to mind.

Not very conducive to furthering the conversation — or the sales process. And if you can’t “sell” someone you can’t help them. I am a believer in what is often called education based marketing. That means that I promote the idea that you provide enough up-front valuable information to your prospective clients or customers to establish yourself as a “trusted advisor” so that WHEN they need what you offer that they choose you.

My work in helping my clients identify their true target markets, crafting messages that will resonate with the people in those markets and selecting the right media for delivering those messages led me to develop an infographic call “Probiotic Marketing.” The name came from watching a TV commercial for yogurt of all things, but the idea is to get to the guts of the client. Yes, it’s a play on words, but hopefully one that will be remembered. And the “gist” of the method is illustrated in the three drawings below.



































The idea is to map your messages about your product or service to the right levels in the hierarchy of needs and to craft those messages using words that will resonate with the emotional (e.g., gut level) level of the prospective buyer. Pretty simple. But not always easy.

When you think about your marketing it might be useful to consider how asking the right questions can help you learn to map your messages to your markets.

I hope you found this information helpful and I welcome your feedback.